Avo & Feta

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

For reasons unbeknownst to me I decided to check in on this little old blog this morning and cos my breakfast was really nice I thought I'd share it here along with an anti-recipe of sorts because its so simple it doesn't really need a detailed explanation, just chuck it all together on a plate and enjoy basically.

Ingredients needed
Granary Bread/Sourdough (or whatever type you prefer)
2 Eggs
Feta Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar
Sunflower Seeds
Salt & Pepper

Toast two slices of bread and boil a pan of water for your eggs. I use this handy cling film trick and it makes perfectly shaped poached eggs every time, if its too fussy for you just add some vinegar & salt to the water, swirl it round and plop the egg into the middle & hopefully it should hold its shape.

Peel & slice the avocado (I had to wait THREE WEEKS for these bloody things to ripen cos I thought I'd buy the 'ripen at home' variety, bad mistake I'll buy the ready to go ones from now on) butter your bread & arrange the avocado slices on top. Artfully arrange the rocket & crumbled feta, sprinkle the sunflower seeds then drizzle the balsamic vinegar. Plop your poached eggs on top and finish with freshly ground black pepper & sea salt.

Best enjoyed on one of those lazy days off where you're feeling luxury bitch. I'll leave you with this very sexy photo of the perfectly poached egg.

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